Bottillons solite Custom 2.0 3mm vert

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Le bottillon thermoformable dans sa version 2. Ici dans sa version 3mm d'épaisseur.

Le bottillon vient se mouler sur le pied cela permet d'avoir un maximum de chaleur, de confort et surtout un touché inégalable. Livér avec une paire de chaussettes specialement développée pour etre lavable et apporté encore plus de chaleur.

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Marque : Solite

Reprenez mon ancien matériel !

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Recommended Water Temps: 50F+

Sizing Tip: Order your regular shoe size or 1/2 size down. For example, if you are a size 10.5, order a 10. If you are a size 10, also order a size 10. NOTE: If your feet are exceptionally narrow or low volume, you may want to size down even more. 

Better than Barefoot

Solite 2.0

We've changed the bootie-game again with our Solite 2.0 technology. The 5mm Custom Pro 2.0 integrates our new 3-Point Strap with the 2.0 Sole for precision fit and instant response. We've also upped the warmth even more with our new metal-grid Thermal Rebound plush lining. Simply put, our Custom Pro 2.0 is the best watersports boot in the world. Full stop. Here's why:

3D Molded Natural Rubber Sole

Solite 3D Sole

Like all of our new 2.0 Series boots, the 5mm Custom Pro 2.0 features a 3D-molded 1mm natural rubber sole, wrapping up the toes and heel for increased durability and protection against rocks, urchins, and reef. The one-piece sole design leaves no exposed gaps between sole pods, insuring extra protection and durability.

Custom-Fit 2.0 Thermofoam Sole with Internal Micro-Split  

Solite Thermofoam SoleSolite Micro-Split

Our patented heat-moldable 2.0 Thermofoam sole has also been completely redesigned including a more comfortable Micro-Split internal split toe. The Micro-Split is only 1cm long, providing round-toe warmth with split-toe response. The Thermo Foam Sole is 6mm thick in the toes/heels for extra protection and 5mm elsewhere.

3-Point Strap with Floating D-Ring

Solite 3-Point StrapSolite Floating D-Ring

Another Solite innovation, our 3-Point Strap anchors under both the arch and heel on the inside of the foot, and under the heel on the outside of the foot. When the strap is tightened, the boot snugs up evenly under the arch and through the rear of the boot, providing instant response and slop-free fit for all arch and ankle profiles. Our Floating D-Ring on the strap isn't stitched in place, allowing it to "float" naturally to the optimal position on your foot. Our 3-Point Strap is also 100% Tatex-coated for extra durability and zero water absorption. 

Thermal Rebound Lining

Solite Thermal Rebound

The Custom Pro 2.0 features a unique Thermal Rebound plush, quick-dry interior lining material in the upper. This material features a thin, flexible metallic grid-layer between the neoprene and the outer lining, reflecting body heat back to the skin for enhanced warmth. Lab tests on the Thermal Rebound laminate show an increase in insulation exceeding 10%, which extends your sessions and increases your odds of getting the wave of the day.

Tatex Flex-Spine

Solite Flex-Spine

The calf area features our exclusive Tatex Flex-Spine. The Flex-Spine serves three distinct purposes:

  1. Enhances durability with an abrasion resistant rubbery surface.
  2. Reduces stretch to act like a shoe-horn, making it easier to slide your heel into the boot.
  3. Provides a sticky external surface to grab your wetsuit leg and prevent flushing.

EZ-O Cuff with Overkill Seams

Solite EZ-O CuffSolite Overkill Seams

Our EZ-O Cuff design provides a seamless barrier against flushing with a larger panel than other o-ring seals, providing much easier on-off and reducing stress on the seams. To reduce bulk under the wetsuit leg and allow for easier on-off, the EZ-O panel is reduced to 3mm thickness. Since booties take serious abuse, we cut no corners on our neoprene seam construction. Our Overkill neoprene seams are triple-glued, blind-stitched, then sealed on the exterior with liquid seam seal for maximum durability and longevity.

Reinforced Stealth-Loop

Solite Stealth-Loop

To ease on/off, we've integrated our low-profile Stealth-Loop in the heel. The Stealth Loop is laminated between the neoprene and our co-molded rubber/textile heel reinforcement patch, providing incredible durability and pull-strength. The Stealth Loop is also Tatex-coated for extra strength and zero-water absorption.

Split-Toe Heat-Booster Socks in the Box

Solite Knit Heat-Booster Socks

The unsung hero of our Solite "System", our Knit Split-Toe Heat-Booster Socks are included in the box. Knit from a Nylon/Poly/Spandex blend, the Heat-Boosters stay warm and comfortable when wet. Benefits of the Heat Boosters are numerous:

  1. Makes boots easier on-off and reduces stress on seams.
  2. Increases comfort by providing a soft barrier between the feet and the Thermofoam sole.
  3. Adds warmth to extend session length and comfort.
  4. Absorbs excess water from flushing to prevent puddling in the boots.
  5. Absorbs bacteria to reduce bootie-stink.
  6. Machine wash and dry for convenience
Les caractéristiques du produit
Référence #1746
épaisseur (en mm) 3
type de bottillon / chausson split toe / orteils séparés
pour qui adulte
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